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Samson Go Mic

I recently acquired a Samson Go Mic. It’s awesome. I’m so used to having to shout into my mics that it’s actually taken some adjustment to go back to talking at a normal volume, and also reduce the mic volume, to get audio that isn’t clipped.

I did a couple of interviews in Hong Kong last week, and realized, when editing the result, that I didn’t have the selector switch set correctly. There’s a little slidey switch on the side, and the manual has a lot of technical jargon about what settings to use.

Samson Go Mic

Here’s the summary: The circle makes the mic dual-sided, which is good for interviews. The one that looks like pacman makes it one-sided, which is good for just recording yourself. I have no idea what the one in the middle does.

I just had it set on the wrong setting, so it didn’t pick up the person I was interviewing very well. So … problem solved.

Pumpkin Party

Pumpkin Carving

The pumpkin photos from the pumpkin party are here. Not quite as elaborate as in years past, but still an awful lot of fun.

And the rain stayed away for long enough that I got to use the new firepit, and made quite an impressive inferno.

Inexhaustible battery

We took over 500 photos yesterday with the Rebel, and the battery still says it’s completely charged. And I think it’s been at least two weeks since we charged it, and we’ve taken a bunch of photos in that time. Why can’t all batteries have this kind of life?