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Pumpkin Party

Pumpkin Carving

The pumpkin photos from the pumpkin party are here. Not quite as elaborate as in years past, but still an awful lot of fun.

And the rain stayed away for long enough that I got to use the new firepit, and made quite an impressive inferno.

A year ago …

Last year, someone crashed my pumpkin party. This year, she co-hosted the party with me. I sure am a lucky guy.

Over the last few days, we’ve been telling pumpkin jokes. Here’s a selection of them …

Stack-O-Lantern and Tobacc-O-Lantern
(More photos here)

What do you call …

A carved pumpkin? A jack-o-lantern.
A pumpkin with a red hand print on it’s face? A smack-o-lantern
A pumpkin on drugs? A crack-o-lantern.
A pile of pumpkins? A stack-o-lantern.
A pumpkin in a burlap bag? A sack-o-lantern.
A smoking pumpkin? A tobacc-o-lantern.
A pumpkin on a train? A track-o-lantern.
A pumpkin of mass destruction? An Iraq-o-lantern.
A pumpkin on a Panzer? A half-track-o-lantern.
A pumpkin with a bill? A quack-o-lantern.
A pumpkin with a computer? A hack-er-lantern.
A pumpkin with a different kind of computer? A Mac-o-lantern.
A collection of pumpkins on every available shelf in the house? Knick-knack-o-lantern.
A heavily armed pumpkin? Attack-o-lantern.
A pumpkin in a heavy coat? Flak-o-lantern.
A pumpkin piñata? A whack-o-lantern.
A pumpkin with rotten teeth? A plaque-o-lantern.
Six pumpkins in a shrink-wrap package? Blister-pack-o-lantern.
A large furry pumpkin from the Himalayas? A yak-o-lantern.
A pumpkin that’s missing? A lack-o-lantern.