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ApacheCon Flickr

When I uploaded photos this morning, Flickr told me that my account had expired. Ok. I went to renew it, and after going through the process to pay with my AmEx, I came to a confirmation screen with two “Pay Now” buttons. I quickly clicked the first one, and too late realized that the first one was a PayPal “Pay Now” button, while the second one, all the way at the bottom of the screen, was for the AmEx information I had just filled out. So this ended up going on my PayPal account, which is tied to a credit card that I’m trying very hard to pay off and get rid of. Very, very annoying.

Anyways, HERE is my ApacheCon EU 2007 Flickr set. If you’re coming to ApacheConEU07, please use the ApacheConEU07 tag on your photos. We’re planning to announce this at the conference. We always end up with a half-dozen variants, and so you have to hunt several places to find photos from other ApacheCons. This is always annoying. So … don’t do that, mmmkay?