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Samson Go Mic

I recently acquired a Samson Go Mic. It’s awesome. I’m so used to having to shout into my mics that it’s actually taken some adjustment to go back to talking at a normal volume, and also reduce the mic volume, to get audio that isn’t clipped.

I did a couple of interviews in Hong Kong last week, and realized, when editing the result, that I didn’t have the selector switch set correctly. There’s a little slidey switch on the side, and the manual has a lot of technical jargon about what settings to use.

Samson Go Mic

Here’s the summary: The circle makes the mic dual-sided, which is good for interviews. The one that looks like pacman makes it one-sided, which is good for just recording yourself. I have no idea what the one in the middle does.

I just had it set on the wrong setting, so it didn’t pick up the person I was interviewing very well. So … problem solved.