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Calico Pie, by Edward Lear

Calico Pie, by Edward Lear.

On the technology front, I saw someone recommend Audacity, and decided to give it another try, and I’m very very pleased. I have been using HackTV, which is fairly nice, but a little too simple, and requires too many additional steps. It records .mov files, which I then have to import into iTunes and export as mp3 files. Not only is this an additional step, but I end up with 3 copies of the recording which I have to then go clean up.

Audacity seems to make a better recording, too, for some reason, and exports directly to mp3.

Calico Pie is a poem we used to read at Turi, so I actually did quite a bit of it from memory, which surprised me. I’m always amazed at how poems stick in my brain for years and years after I last heard/recited them.