A year ago …

Last year, someone crashed my pumpkin party. This year, she co-hosted the party with me. I sure am a lucky guy.

Over the last few days, we’ve been telling pumpkin jokes. Here’s a selection of them …

Stack-O-Lantern and Tobacc-O-Lantern
(More photos here)

What do you call …

A carved pumpkin? A jack-o-lantern.
A pumpkin with a red hand print on it’s face? A smack-o-lantern
A pumpkin on drugs? A crack-o-lantern.
A pile of pumpkins? A stack-o-lantern.
A pumpkin in a burlap bag? A sack-o-lantern.
A smoking pumpkin? A tobacc-o-lantern.
A pumpkin on a train? A track-o-lantern.
A pumpkin of mass destruction? An Iraq-o-lantern.
A pumpkin on a Panzer? A half-track-o-lantern.
A pumpkin with a bill? A quack-o-lantern.
A pumpkin with a computer? A hack-er-lantern.
A pumpkin with a different kind of computer? A Mac-o-lantern.
A collection of pumpkins on every available shelf in the house? Knick-knack-o-lantern.
A heavily armed pumpkin? Attack-o-lantern.
A pumpkin in a heavy coat? Flak-o-lantern.
A pumpkin piñata? A whack-o-lantern.
A pumpkin with rotten teeth? A plaque-o-lantern.
Six pumpkins in a shrink-wrap package? Blister-pack-o-lantern.
A large furry pumpkin from the Himalayas? A yak-o-lantern.
A pumpkin that’s missing? A lack-o-lantern.