Rick Hendrick

I’m missing a lot of the story. Rick Hendrick, who is a NASCAR race driver and team owner, has apparently given generously to assist in evacuations and rescue operations in Haiti. Part of that was that he flew my sister and her kids home last night. They arrived just after midnight, and his organization paid for the whole thing, and gave to the relief effort at Quisqueya.

I might suddenly become a NASCAR fan. Go Jeff Gordon!


So, apparently the story is even more complicated than that. Mr. Hendrick, who also loaned his plane and flight crew to Katrina relief efforts, is flying people out of Haiti as fast as he can with his plane. The other flights – the rest of the way up here – were taken care of by other generous people.

The generosity that’s being shown this week is amazing. I’m sure that recriminations for mismanagement will come later, but watching folks step up and do what they can, and even more folks step and do what they didn’t know they could, is very encouraging.