Why the Bald Eagle is Bald – Transcript

Here’s the transcript of Isaiah’s story that a few of you asked for.

Why the Bald Eagle is Bald

By Isaiah

Once there was Sky God. He created the animals, but made Miglo the first eagle (soon the bald eagle) to rule the mountains, and made is head gold. Miglo was very proud of his gold head. He would show off to all of the animals. Bear went to the Sky God. He told him that Miglo was showing off. Sky God said “Bear, you say that Miglo, the eagle, is showing off. Is it so.” “Yes,” said Bear. “Hmm,” said Sky God. That night Sky God burned eagle’s head till it was bald. In the morning, eagle went to a stream and screamed because he was bald. And to this day, Miglo and his children’s children are all bald.