Some of you may know that I have family in Haiti. They are unhurt. Tens of thousands of other people, however, are hurt, and many thousands are killed. Perhaps a million people are sleeping on the streets tonight because there are still aftershocks and they are afraid the remaining buildings will fall on them in the night.

My brother-in-law, who is a school headmaster, is now running an orphanage and a hospital – or, rather, the school is being used for these purposes because it is undamaged. The orphanage fell down, and all the kids were moved to the school. The hospitals are completely overwhelmed.

If you’re looking for some place to give a few dollars in the hopes that they will be well-used, I would encourage you to read what is being done at that school, take a look at the school website, and consider giving via the paypal link at the bottom.

What has been accomplished in the last few days has been done by folks who have stepped up and done what they saw that needed to be done. Watching the news last night, I watched US Army folks talking about how they were doing nothing because they were waiting for someone else to make a decision. What happened to “The Buck Stops Here.” It was infuriating and frustrating to watch hundreds of tons of food and water just sitting there because everyone was waiting for someone else.