Less time online, poison ivy, spam

For the last 3 weeks, and, minimally, for the next two months, I’ll be online considerably less. I’m working days at a customer site, Monday through Thursday. The network at this customer site has firewalling and proxing of the “prisoners in” rather than “invaders out” variety. So, no IRC, no ssh, not even any outside POP connections. As if I’d have time, anyway. I’ve been kept busy all day. It’s drudge work, but I’m busy, and doing largely useful things.

Anyways, this all means that when I come home, I have 1000+ email messages waiting on the server, and the predominance of spam is much more marked in these large numbers that it is when receiving email 5 or 10 at a time. Mortgage and Pharmaceuticals appear to be the in spam these days. I marvel that there are enough morons out there buying spam-marketed products that it’s still this lucrative.

Last Sunday, apparently, I got into some poison ivy. It started itching on Sunday, and has gotten gradually worse since then. This evening I was completely miserable, with both arms covered with blisters and itching horribly. I hope today was the worst, because if it gets any worse, I might have to go see a doctor about this. Note to self: No more hiking in short sleeves and sandals.