Feedback: Rush week 9

First, a sad note: Craig, who got us on this Rush-of-the-week path a few months ago, passed away last week, taken far too young by cancer. Tell your friends you love them, and don’t postpone joy.

The next album on the list, which we continue in Craig’s honor is Feedback. It’s a weird album for Rush, in that it’s a cover album, where they play the songs that got them started in their early years. Their garage band album, you might say.

As such, some people actively dislike it. I remember when I went to the R30 tour, people complained that they didn’t go to a Rush concert to listen to The Who.

I, however, LOVE this album. They put a new twist on these old songs. It’s almost funny how much more complex they make these simple old tunes. It was a lot of fun listening to the originals, and then the Rush take on the same song, and hearing the similarities, as well as the huge differences. Summertime Blues and Heart Full of Soul are my favorite tracks, closely followed by The Seeker. And then listening to the originals, you can definitely hear the influence that these bands had on Rush – especially early Rush, before they really found their unique sound.

A thorougly delightful album, for fun summer listening. Tons of nostalgia, but also introduced the greats to a new generation.