What I’m reading

I just updated my What I’m Reading list, and realized that I’m now reading 13 books at the same time. While this makes for an interesting interplay between the various plots in my befuddled mind, it tends to mean that some of these books, I may never finish. I think I’ve been reading Little Dorrit for 2 years now, and Chasing Shadows for about 1 year. Dandelion Wine, of course, I read every year, so that hardly counts. So maybe 12 is more realistic. I need to make a concerted effort to finish some of these.

I just signed up with Audible.com, which is a audio book service where you download audio books to listen to on some electronic device. In my case, on my Palm Tungsten E. The quality is very good (at least, for me, with my admittedly low standards) and I can also listen to them in the car, with one of those cassette tape car adapters. Mine, however, is just about to give up the ghost, and takes some wiggling to make it play correctly. For $15 a month you get one audio book a month, as well as a daily “subscription” like the New York Times. The audible.com software is painfully unintuitive, and it took me nearly an hour to get my first book onto my Palm, after which I still wasn’t sure how I had done it, so I’m not sure that I’ll be able to do it any faster next month. We’ll see.