You bet your life

When I am in big cities like this, I am struck more than ever by how much we rely on the good will of strangers. In fact, as is observed by Rush in their song of the same name, “you bet your life.” I got in a van with 9 strangers, and wandered around a strange (*very* strange) city for almost an hour, just hoping that I would end up somewhere pleasant. And, eventually, I did. This is a very nice hotel room. Not quite as nice as the room at ApacheCon, but still very nice. And a lot cheaper.

They did not have any note that my room cost would be covered. And Kevin Lenzo, who was standing next to me at the check-in counter, also did not have such a note on his reservation record. I don’t think Kevin knew who I was, which makes perfect sense considering I met him once, more than 1.5 yrs ago. Kevin has done some very cool stuff, including the original YAPC, and heading up YAS.

While we’re quoting Rush …

In the canyons of the city, you can hear the buildings cry.

It is darned cold out there, and the wind is just killer. But on some streets, you feel like you’re in a canyon, and the wind whips through it like it is possessed, and flings trash at cars almost belligerently.

On another, completely unrelated note, it appears that Apache::Perldoc does not work under Perl 5.8. I have not yet figured out why this is the case, but it appears that pod2html itself has changed syntax somewhere in that timeframe, and so when Apache::Perldoc calls pod2html, the arguments are geborken.