Flying to New York

The flight out of Lexington was delayed, and my time in Cincinatti, already painfully tight, was reduced to about 3 minutes. I arrived at the gate after they had already closed the door, but as the plane door was still open, they let me on.

And so I’m on my way to JFK, using my wonderful new ElectroVaya 16-hour laptop battery. I’m really happy with it. Although it was very expensive, it’s cheaper than 3 laptop batteries, which is about how long it lasts. Except for my laptop batteries, which seem to last about 10 minutes on a good day. When I’m using 802.11, it seems to last about 6 hours. When I’m not, I seem to be getting about 10 hours out of it. So it’s not *really* 16, although I suppose if I did console only, no sound, no network, I could probably get that much out of it.

In other news, the Magical Vhosts thingy that I posted a few weeks ago only works for one vhost. So it’s not much good. The fix is pretty simple. Instead of:

$VirtualHost{‘*’} = { … etc

I have

push @{$VirtualHost{‘*’}}, { … etc

This should have been obvious to start with, but, alas, I did not actually test it. Well, I tested it with one vhost, but not with more than one. And having it work for one vhost is not terribly useful.

Hopefully, the guy on IRC who was frantically trying to get this working will still be online this evening, or tomorrow morning, or some time, so that he does not get fired for not getting this working. I had to get on the plane, and so did not have a chance to tell him my solution, which I really just arrived at just now, at 5000 feet or so.