I’m currently writing 4 things. One of them is creative, and the other are works of reference, into which I try to shoehorn just enough of my personality that it is actually me, and not merely the technology, which is speaking.

It seems that each time I try to write something non-technical, I get hung up before I can make it very far. I suppose it could be that I’m just not particularly creative – that has certainly occurred to me. Or it could be that it’s OK that my skills lay elsewhere. I have some stories that I want to tell, but when I tell them, they seem stilted and wooden next to the words of Bradbury, Dickens, and Kipling that I’ve been reading so much of lately. So I end up throwing away a lot of stuff, and never letting anyone see it.

I suppose this is for the best. It’s not very good. And mostly it’s the process of writing it that I enjoy, and then find myself embarrassed to show anybody the results.

Anyways, I’m writing this, mostly to avoid writing those other things. Deadlines, you know.