For reasons I haven’t yet determined, I started getting the newspaper 2 weeks ago, and it has been arriving every morning on my front door step. From there, it has been moved to the woodpile. So far, I haven’t even taken any of them out of the plastic wrappers.

The Herald (mis-)Leader is not exactly the pinnacle of journalism, but I suppose it’s not any worse than most small city newspapers. They don’t make any pretence of being politically balanced, so at least their leanings aren’t decieving. Their coverage of world events tends to fall in the “What?! There are other countries?!” arena, and their coverage of local events seems often to be from a perspective of power and privilege. Which, I suppose, it probably is.

I suppose I should read a few of the newspapers they have sent me. Perhaps my opinion of them is from another time, before the purchase, before the new editorial staff, before the dawn of clue. I don’t know. I do know that Joel Pett still does editorial cartoons for them, and manages to offend nearly everyone as often as possible, without being at all enlightening in the process.

So, for now, the newspapers go from doorstep to woodpile, and, perhaps when I have time I’ll look at one a little more carefully.

Meanwhile, I really hope that I’m not costing any delivery guy his job because I’m getting someone else’s paper. That would be tragic.