UN’s stance on Sudan

Once again, I marvel at how the UN chooses to handle situations, and, onca again, I wonder why, oh why, do we continue to pour money and resources into an organization that accomplishes so little, at such great cost.

Summary: 136 men of a particular ethnic group (The Fur ethnic group) were rounded up, loaded in trucks, and gathered to a place where they were all executed. The UN Human Rights Commission has released a statement “expressing solidarity with the country in overcoming the present situation.”

That’s very comforting.

Meanwhile Sudan says it never happened.

I once said that social security is a bad system perpetuated because everyone has a grandmother. I think that, similarly, the UN is a bad system that is perpetuated because everyone wants to be seen as being on the side of peace. Peace is a good thing, right? And if we pay our annual dues to an international organization dedicated to peace (even if it doesn’t actually make the slightest headway towards that goal) then we’ve done our part.

Between this and the joke of “peacekeepers” in Bosnia, I’m increasingly persuaded that it would be better to do nothing at all, than to support the UN.