As usual, I’ve gotten way behind on my blogging. So I’ll try to catch up a little bit, now that the conference is almost over.

For the record, whatever /dev/clue may say, this conference rocks, and that seems to be the consistent message that I’m getting from everyone, even those folks who don’t know that I’m one of the planners. I’m enjoying myself more than last year, too.

OK, so, Tuesday.

On Tuesday I spoke three times, so I was busy the entire day. I did my auth talk, which is tried and true, so went well. I did my performance talk, which is brand new, so was a little more rocky. However, I have so many examples there that it was really better than I expected. And I also did my URL mapping talk. Invariably, people expect it to be a mod_rewrite talk. I either need to drop the talk entirely, or come up with a new title. I think it’s a useful talk, but everybody gets the wrong ideas about it.

Tuesday evening was the Sams authors dinner. We went to a great italian place. in attendance was Daniel Lopez, Geoff Young, Chris Shiflett, Greg Stein, John Coggeshall, Shelly Johnson and Scott … um … what was Scott’s last name?

After dinner, we went to Red Square, at Mandalay Bay, but they were entirely full – at least too full for a table for as many as we needed. So we wandered around for a while and found another place. By that time, our group was much smaller – just 5 of us – and a good time was had by all.

I was pretty exhausted by this time, and had to get som e sleep, as I was going to speak the next morning, so I headed back for bed.

So I know that there were other high points of Tuesday, so I need to ponder and write them down. So many wonderful things happen at these conferences, and if I don’t make a note of them right away, I tend to forget. Which can be very annoying.