Apachecon Monday

OK, I need to write something before I fall asleep.

Several highlights for today.

“The Guru Is In” was moderately successful, at least from my perspective, although I have no not spoken with the other folks that participated. I had two people come to ask me questions, and I think I was able to help them.

It looks like I’ll be cancelling the Lightning Talks, due to lack of interest. This is disappointing, but will give me time to go to the Sams authors dinner, so it’s not all bad.

I also went up to Comdex today, which is a high-tech flea market. Nothing new or interesting, as far as I’m concerned. Same old stuff, some of it in new wrappers, most of it not. I went around the Open Source area of the conference, asking folks to exchange gpg keys, and one company (OSSI, by the way) knew what I was talking about. Come on, folks.

This evening, we had Sander’s key signing, which was, in my opinion, a big success. I will gain more signatures on my key than the total I had previously, which is very cool.

And then, after the key signing, I went over to Simon’s, a restaurant at the Hard Rock, for the O’Reilly author dinner. Thank you, Tim. it is greatly appreciated. And thank you, Gnat. As pathetic as it may sound, this was one of my life goals, and I am enormously pleased with having attained it.

And I am very very full and tired. I had a chicken curry, followed by a crème brul´e and cotton candy. Yes, cotton candy. It’s one of the things on their dessert menu. How cool is that.