Today’s caches

Sunday is becoming my cache day, which is just fine with me.

Three caches today, two finds, one no-find.

The no -find: This morning, I went to the Preston’s Cave Spring cache, where I surprised a young reprobate smoking some of that *other* Kentucky agricultural produce. I suspect that I looked rather like law enforcement in my getup – cowboy hat, black shirt with ASF logo emblazoned on the pocket area, hiking boots, and a binoculars case that probably looked like a holster. The kid saw me, got a terrified expression, and bolted into the woods like a scared deer. The aroma was unmistakable.

The other two were rather more out of the way – one at Shaker Village, and one in a park in Danville. It was a gorgeous day for driving with the top down, and I contributed to the terrorist cause by driving my SUV more than 50 miles today.

Listened to about 3 hours of Dean Koontz in the process, which I don’t recommend to the uninitiated. He’s annoying me more than usual in this particular book. Can’t he just say “It was dark” without 5 minutes of analogies? Sheesh.