New server

I spent all day yesterday, and some of the day before, trying to migrate services off of a dying server before it completely died. Mail, DNS, CVS, and a plethora of test and demo vhosts inhabited the server, as well as my news and blogs site.

I was getting periodic kernel panics, that were coming with greater frequency as I tried to move services. In typical saved-at-the-last-minute movie fashion, as soon as the last bit of data was recovered, the server crashed, and will not even so much as power back on. Although I’ve managed to mount the hard drive in the new server in case I need to recover any more files that turn up missing. The new server is one of the machines that I bought for my training room, but, with training going at the rate that it is right now, I don’t think that it will be missed. Added a little ram, and now I have a $500 server, replacing one that probably cost $2000 new, and has had many times that much spent on it in maintenance time. (Hi, sungo!)

So, chimp is dead, long live barolo. I hope it can run for 2 or 3 years without much needing to be done to it.