Those holding a ticket with the letter K

I went to Joseph Beth this evening, knowing that if I stayed home, I would be distracted by IRC and get nothing written. As it turned out, Robert Jordan was there, signing his new book. And so were all the Robert Jordan fans in the state of Kentucky. Every one of them. And they were all waiting for him to sign their copy. Every 10 minutes or so, the Uber-Loud announcer would announce the next letter in the alphabet, and there would be a mad rush of frenzied fans around the store trying to get in line. Meanwhile, the rest of the fans, realizing that they would be waiting until sunrise to get their book signed, moped dejectedly around, pretending to be interested in the latest edition of Car and Driver, or The Complete Morons Guide to Navel-Lint Farming. It was almost as distracting as IRC. But not quite. So I stayed until I had written at least one chapter, and then came home. At least, I think I finished a chapter. I’m not actually sure, since the chapter was not outlined, and I was sort of winging it.