Seems Saddam is calling us the new Mongols. (NOTE: If you saw this earlier, the link was completely wrong. This should be better now.)

Now, personally, I find this a bit comical, since the Mongols left Iraq a smoking pile of rubble, so this seems like a bit of a bad omen.

But, on a more serious note, there’s the matter of the Mongol Horde itself. I mean, how many times in history does one get the opportunity to participate in a mongol horde? Not many, my friends. Go enlist now, while there is still time.

And, more importantly, there are the yaks.

Here, for your reading pleasure, a slightly sanitized IRC transcript:

BOB: so, that means we like large women, long hair and ride yaks

BOB: See the World! Ride Yaks! Scare the pants off of Women! Meet Genghis in Person!

BOB: Yak Riding. Do they do that in the first week or did they tack that on to the end of boot camp?

Bacchus: I wanna yak!

BOB: now where would you keep him? he would produce quite a quantity of fertilizer.

HARRY: in the yak pens out back. Doesnt everyone have one of those? or am I just Spesial

Bacchus: In the spare bathroom

CHARLIE: (large women)++

There you have it, folks. Proving, yet again, that IRC is the source of all wisdom.