TheReg discusses Wikis

While I certainly don’t agree with all of their comments, I find myself leaning rather strongly towards the general ideas espoused – namely, that wikis are written by people that like wikis and appeal to people that like wikis (this being a rather small subset of the general population), and that their utopian view that “good stuff will spontaneously “emerge”” is unrealistic at best.

Please understand that I’m not trashing WIkipedia specifically, since I really have almost no experience using it. I do, however, tend to feel this way towards online documentation that is developed in a Wikified media. I particularly liked this:

There’s nothing wrong with Wikipedia that isn’t summed up by the fiddlers’ problematic war cry of “if you don’t like it, fix it!” It’s really rather like being urged to liven up a boring stranger’s very poorly-attended party by showing up. Of course it would make it more interesting. But why should anyone bother? There may be a good reason no one shows up in the first place.

Sure, the Register is opinionated and crass, but they’re also amusing, and, frequently, spot-on.