I’ve been listening to Feedback. It’s a collection of the songs that Rush grew up on. Highly recommended. Particularly if, like me, you grew up on Rush without the benefit of hearing what they grew up on. Summertime Blues and The Seeker are are the two songs that Rush did at the concert that I went to. Also great is the track Heart full of Soul.

And, while I’m on the topic of Rush, I have an admission to make. I always used to think of Alex Lifeson as that other guy in Rush. After seeing him play the guitar, I can never again think that. Watching his fingers move on the strings was like watching some kind of dance. He had about a dozen different guitars, and used a different one for different songs. And he’s truly an artist.

And, of course, the ad-lib rambling during Strangiatto was … surreal. He told a odd little story sounded like a dream sequence. Something about a goat driving the tour bus. “How does a goat know how to drive? And where’s the sheep?” When they were leaving the concert arena, the goat had all of the receipts. “What was the goat doing with the receipts? For that matter, where does a goat keep receipts? I know. Do you?”

There’s a hint of this on “Rush in Rio”, but you can’t really tell what he’s saying. It was very odd, but oddly funny.