The Whirlwind

OSCon is over, and I’m back home. I’ve hardly stopped moving since I arrived.

I got back to Lexington about 10, and went straight to work moving stuff from the apartment to my house. Some time around 9pm, I sat down on the couch with some pizza, and promptly fell asleep. Bob called about 10:30 to find out where his truck was. I mumbled something and went straight back to sleep, not waking up until 10:15am.

I had told Bob I’d get the truck back to him first thing in the morning, I believe, so I went to do that. But, I figured, I’d stop by and pick up the 2 or 3 things in the garage. Would be a quick trip. There was a bike and a fridge and a few boxes.

Well, as it turned out, I filled the entire truck. Sheesh. Who knew I had that much stuff? It seems that I’ve got way way way too much stuff. I hope that I can get rid of some of this stuff.

By 7pm Sunday, the garage at the house was COMPLETELY full, and the apartment was, finally, all the way empty. Way too much stuff.

I should note, for posterity, that I have the coolest friends in the world. While I wasn’t even here, they moved almost all of my furniture and a bunch of my books. And then Bill and Bert showed up on Sunday to help with the last stretch, including the desk and a few other things.

At some point in there, I moved the servers, and called QX to get my DSL moved over to the house. That’s when it became apparent that Alltel hadn’t done what they said they’d do. (Surprise!) So I didn’t actually have DSL until this morning some time. And, also, my IP address changed somewhere in there, so all my DNS servers were wrong until some time this evening.

Hopefully I didn’t loose any important email in there. Will I ever know?

I’m sincerely hoping to be able to park in my garage some time in the next month, and perhaps get all the boxes put away by the end of the next month. I hope that’s not too ambitious.