Heading home

I’m in the Portland airport (which has free wireless, as all airports should) and heading home. I’m very very tired.

I came to the airport in the early afternoon, because the nice lady on the phone suggested that if I came to the airport, there was a good chance that I could get my flight moved earlier. This turns out to be not true at all. So, I checked my suitcase, and got back on the Max to go back to the hotel and hang out with Ken. I also realized, shortly after checking my suitcase, that I still had my Gerber on my belt. So I’ve given it to Ken, and he’ll hopefully return it next weekend.

So now it is 10pm, and I’m about to get on the flight. Then I get to spend 5am until about 7am in the O’Hare airport. Joy.

I am very ready to not be travelling any more. But I still have one more trip this month, for the ApacheCon planners meeting. At least I have a few days to enjoy my new home before I have to leave it again.