The Princess and the Frog

(Addendum to what I already posted earlier on Facebook …)

This evening Disney ensured that I will never again watch one of their movies in the theater. I clearly can no longer trust that a Disney G-rated movie is safe for my children to watch. Instead, I’ll wait for it to come out on video, and then preview it before showing it to the kids.

Voodoo and tarot and talismans and demons and deals with the devil, and a guarantee that the kids will have nightmares for weeks to come.

Good job, Disney. I’m sure Walt would be so very proud.

Time was when if it was made by Disney, you could be assured that it would be safe, heartwarming, and perhaps even have a good message behind it. Then came Hunchback, and now this monstrosity, and suddenly we’re in a world where Walt Disney is no longer a guarantee of quality and family-friendly entertainment.

I guess Roy died just in time.