New Year’s Goals

I made some resolutions last year, but they were more goals than resolutions. This year, I have a list of rather specific goals – things I want to accomplish in the coming 360 days or so. Some of them are rather vague and unmeasurable, like learning or improving a particular skill, (how do I know when I’m good enough?) while some are pretty specific To-Do items.

As I was writing out this list, I found that more than half of the items involve writing in some way. Most of it is technical writing, but some of it is non-technical. And I’ve spent much of the last two weeks working on the mod_rewrite-related parts of these goals. I’ve worked on the Rewrite Flags document, and gone through the module documentation several times, all of which is a prelude to working on the new edition of my book. And I’m now one day behind on

Other goals involve tasks around the house, such as putting up yet more shelves for our overflowing book collection, and finally cleaning out the garage and attic. But most of the goals involve, in some way, staring at a computer screen.

No, I’m not going to list the goals. I read somewhere, several times this past year, that announcing your goals is the first step down the road to forgetting about them. And several of the skill-improving goals are skills that I’m a little reticent to admit I haven’t already mastered.