The Passion of the Christ

I just saw The Passion of the Christ. I don’t really have words to comment on it. I can’t really say I’m glad I saw it. It was truly a horror. But it is, I suppose, true to my understanding of the events of that day. It appears to be accurate in as much as the scripture gives details, and creative in those areas where scripture does not give details.

The depictions of Evil (as a personification) was very disturbing. Which was, I presume, the goal.

I think that, by the end, I was becoming numb to the severe brutality, and was filtering it out somewhat. Perhaps folks that go see gory movies every weekend could deal with this better than I.

I don’t know whether to recommend that folks go see this. It seems to accurately portray things, according to John, but I just don’t know that this level of graphic violence is really necessary.

But, much has been written, and much more will be written, so that’s about all I’m going to say about it.