Test drove the new Jeep

On Saturday we went to test drive a new Jeep Wrangler. Not because we’re interested in buying one. I just thought it would be fun to test drive it.

It’s about a foot wider than the one I drive – a 1998 – and about a foot longer. The extra width is VERY noticeable. The extra length, strangely, wasn’t, and there isn’t noticeably more legroom in the back. Sarah said there was, but when I sat back there, it seemed exactly the same as the ’98.

It did indeed drive like a dream. And, at $25k, it should.

The grill is plastic, and the front end is quite a bit more rounded than years previous. I’m not particularly sure I like it.

While we were out driving it, they looked at our Wrangler, they looked at it, presumably, to see how much it was worth in trade, although when we came back and didn’t express interest in buying it that day, they didn’t choose to tell us what it was worth. But apparently they poked around a little more than necessary, since this morning there was a puddle of antifreeze on the floor of garage. Dunno, maybe it wasn’t their fault.

We also looked at the Unlimited, which I hadn’t looked at up close previously. I don’t care for it at all. It appears to be just a luxury SUV that happens to have a ragtop. It just doesn’t seem like a Wrangler at all.