Marco! Polo!

I just recently started using MarcoPolo, and you should too. It solves a problem that I’ve had ever since I started lugging a laptop about. There are settings that I have to use at work, and settings that I have to use at home, and I’d prefer that changing between the two of them be automated. Computers are supposed to be smart, right? Figure out where I am and Do The Right Thing.

MarcoPolo determines, by a variety of measures, where I am, and then does stuff based on that information.

When I get to work, it notices that I’m on the work network, and updates my network settings accordingly. It updates my svn proxy settings. It changes my XChat join list to the channels that I join at work. And when I get back home, it changes everything back the other way.

Now, if I can just get the computer to write my ApacheCon presentations for me, then I’d be *really* happy.