I’ve been using ToDo.txt for several years now. I wrote about it HERE. It allows me to manage my task list from the command line, which is where I spend a lot of my time already.

Yesterday, Vipul introduced me to Taskwarrior, and I’m switching.

Everything I said about ToDo.txt is still the case with Taskwarrior, but it offers so much more with exactly the same ease of use.

The only thing missing from Taskwarrior that ToDo.txt has is the ability to sync the task data to an Android device. But it turns out that I almost never use that feature anyway, so no great loss.

In addition to what I was already doing (t add to add a task, t done to mark it done) I get reporting, recurring events, and task interdependence, three things that I always felt were missing from Todo.txt.

I recommend you have a look at Taskwarrior if you, like me, use the command line a lot, and are looking for a full-featured task manager.