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New Roof

We got a new roof from BesTop. This morning we started installing it, just putting on the doors. This involved taking a blade to the old ones, which are stitched on to the steel frames. That was a little unnerving, but, once started, it had to be finished.

Now I have a black roof and tan doors, and for the first time *ever*, I can see clearly through the side windows. I kept thinking that the windows were open. It’s always been scratched and fuzzy, particularly when it’s raining.

So, hopefully by next week, I’ll be driving with an entirely new top, free of duct tape and flapping noises.

We’ll post pictures of the process later on.

Dead Jeep

Sunday morning, at 55 mph on Nicholasville Road, the engine turned off. Just turned off. Wouldn’t turn back on. So we waited for a tow truck.

Today, we have been told that the engine is dead, and needs to be replaced. There’s nothing that can be done to fix it.

So, we’re now trying to decide whether to repair, replace, or do without. Each has its advantages. Each has enormous inconveniences. And it’s deeply frustrating to have this happen so soon after the completion of the work of art that was painted on it.

We could certainly replace it with something hugely more fuel efficient, and that in itself might save money in the long run. But, of course, I’m very fond of my Jeep, and very sad to see it go. Anybody know how I might go about locating a replacement engine that won’t cost me a fortune? Meanwhile, I guess I’ll be biking more often.