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New Years Resolutions

So I mentioned that I don’t do New Years Resolutions. I never have done. But a lot is changing. So perhaps I’ll give it a shot. Here they are.

1) Write something every day
2) Take a photograph every day
3) Read something every day
4) Cook something creative every week

There. That ought to be enough.

Writers’ resolutions

I tend not to do the New Years Resolution thing. Seems moderately pointless to set myself up for failure once a year. But Ruth linked to new years resolutions for writers, and a number of them sound particularly useful. I would very much like to try to commit to writing something every day, and I’d also like to try to finish a few of the stories that I’m writing. Writing fiction is scary, because it’s so unlike the non-fiction that I usually write, and unexpected things happen. But it’s very rewarding.

Of course, the biggest problem is that there’s *still* only 24 hours in a day, even though it’s a brand new-and-improved year.

Dante’s Walmart

Last night I spent 2 hours at Walmart. I needed to print a few photos. The folks in front of us had 134 terrible photos. Every one of them was underexposed, and had to be individually edited to fix the brightness and contrast. Every button press was an angst-filled ordeal, with his finger hovering over the button for several seconds before he reluctantly pressed it. Then he had to do red-eye reduction. Even on photos without people in them. It was excruciating. Our printing took roughly 6 minutes. We clicked “select all” and “print”.

2 hours of my life I’ll never get back.

APB: Matt “Lewellyn” Lewandowski

One would think, that with the vast resource of the Internet, it wouldn’t be so hard to find someone. I’m starting to be seriously concerned that Matt has died, and I’ll never know.

Matt, are you out there still? Please email or call me. Or call Bill Rowe. Or someone.

Anyone else, have you heard from Matt, in the last 3 months? Please have him email or call me. I promise I won’t ask any technical questions. Or berate him about skipping out on ApacheCon. I’m just concerned about him.

fajita: seen _Lewellyn
DrBacchus: _Lewellyn was last seen in #apache 89 days 9 hours ago saying ‘ok. off with me’.

On The Air

We apologize for the brief interruption in service. We’re back on the air. A few things are still broken. Please notify us if you find something broken, and we’ll endeavor to fix it. Thanks.


Finally, I’ve moved all my cvs repositories to svn. Wow, I had a lot of garbage in there. A lot of it has now gone away, but there’s still a lot of stuff left that I don’t really want to delete, but probably will never look at again.

Actually, there is still one cvs repository, because it wasn’t in the same place as all the other ones. Hopefully it will also get migrated in the next day or two.

So, one more thing off of the to do list. At this rate, if I just don’t sleep for the next 6 months, I think I can catch up.