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My httpd.conf is better than your httpd.conf

<_Lewellyn> my httpd.conf is mostly rewrtierules :/
<Morbus> my httpd.conf is mostly comments.
<DrBacchus> my httpd.conf is on my LDAP server.
<Morbus> i converted my httpd.conf to xml.
<Morbus> and i have a sweet xslt converter.
<Morbus> its all very transparent.
<DrBacchus> I converted mine to Swahili and MS Word documents.
<Morbus> i converted mine to the new .net Word XML.
<DrBacchus> Mine’s all in braille.
<Morbus> Mine’s in invisible ink.
<DrBacchus> Mine is in semaphore flags.
<Morbus> Mine’s in boolean.
<DrBacchus> Mine is in Morse code
<Morbus> Mine’s on a punch card.
<DrBacchus> Mine is in American Sign Language.
<Morbus> Mine is administered by Corky from Life Goes On.
<DrBacchus> LOL
<Morbus> <G>
<DrBacchus> Mine is in dog barks – the ones that did Jingle Bells on that terrible Christmas album everyone has.
<Morbus> lol. yeaaaah.

The transcript speaks for itself.

Why I don’t go to movies much

I didn’t read the entire review posted on Kuro5hin about Matrix Reloaded, but it contained an interesting summary of why I don’t go to movies much:

It’s not that I don’t like movies; I love them. It’s just that I don’t particularly care for the moviegoing experience. I’d rather wait until the DVD comes out and watch somthing in the comfort of my own home, where I can smoke cigarettes and have a drink, maybe pause it to take a leak or get a snack. Sitting in a freezing theatre without a cigarette for over two hours is too much like going to church, except religious institutions don’t gouge you on the $3.75 medium Pepsi.

While I don’t smoke, and don’t plan to start any time soon, and I’m more of a Coke man than Pepsi, but the spirit is there. There are very few movies that benefit enough from the big screen to offset the unpleasantness of theater experience.

Of course, just MHO, and I’m fully aware that millions of folks disagree with me. But then, that’s why this is *my* blog. Nyeah.

“Doesn’t work”

In Here, let me get you a dog whistle, Bishop observes that all that IS people really do is sit around waiting for interesting computer problems to solve. 😉

We had a charming character on #apache yesterday who presented us with a vague “it doesn’t work” scenario, and then got offended when RoUS asked him for more information about the problem, and furthermore had the audacity to claim that RoUS didn’t know much, and was unwilling to help. Some days, it’s hard to be civil, and it’s real hard to be nice.

Watch the watchers

politechbot.com: Steve Mann and Surveil. Cam Players on how to watch the watchers

RoUS pointed me to this article, and it got me thinking about the rationale behind prohibitions against taking photographs in public transportation terminals, like airports, train stations, and bus stations. It seems, once again, a way to keep honest people from doing honest things, while in no way deterring criminals from doing criminal things.

Criminals don’t use 35mm cameras to take their pictures, they use concealed cameras which are … well, concealed. So this law effectively ensures that all pictures of the inside of airports are in the hands of criminals, rather than honest people. In what way does this make sense?

Likewise, if the airport people are taking pictures of me, and I wish to take pictures of them, they will likely take offence. But why? Why is it any more invasive for me to take a picture of them? After all, I am a private citizen, and they are the employees of the United States Government – my employee, in a sense. In that regard, it would seem that I have more right to a picture of them than they do of me.

So, the next time I travel, I will, without question, give this a try. I’ll probably peacefully comply if asked to delete pictures, since it is exceedingly unlikely that the flunkies at that rung of the food chain would have a better response than the “following orders” one, but you never know.

Wine cellar – follow up

I just got done doing some work in my wine cellar. I’ve tagged all the bottles, finally, after wanting to do this for some time. So I can look in there and see what everything is, without disturbing anything. And now I can actually do this through the door. It is wonderful.

I also put a thermometer in there, just to see. It has held the temperature between 51.1 and 51.7 all day. The fridge I had filling this role before had fluctuations of about 10 degrees in fairly short times, and got pretty cold a lot of the time. Seems that 51 is a little chilly, but I’m not certain.

I also realized that I have almost nothing that I can actually drink. Almost everything in there is stuff that I want to keep for a substantial amount of time, and there’s very little that I would want to just open up at a moments notice. Perhaps 3 bottles in there I’d want to open on a whim. The rest require a special occasion.

Gotta fix that.