My httpd.conf is better than your httpd.conf

<_Lewellyn> my httpd.conf is mostly rewrtierules :/
<Morbus> my httpd.conf is mostly comments.
<DrBacchus> my httpd.conf is on my LDAP server.
<Morbus> i converted my httpd.conf to xml.
<Morbus> and i have a sweet xslt converter.
<Morbus> its all very transparent.
<DrBacchus> I converted mine to Swahili and MS Word documents.
<Morbus> i converted mine to the new .net Word XML.
<DrBacchus> Mine’s all in braille.
<Morbus> Mine’s in invisible ink.
<DrBacchus> Mine is in semaphore flags.
<Morbus> Mine’s in boolean.
<DrBacchus> Mine is in Morse code
<Morbus> Mine’s on a punch card.
<DrBacchus> Mine is in American Sign Language.
<Morbus> Mine is administered by Corky from Life Goes On.
<DrBacchus> LOL
<Morbus> <G>
<DrBacchus> Mine is in dog barks – the ones that did Jingle Bells on that terrible Christmas album everyone has.
<Morbus> lol. yeaaaah.

The transcript speaks for itself.