Wine cellar – follow up

I just got done doing some work in my wine cellar. I’ve tagged all the bottles, finally, after wanting to do this for some time. So I can look in there and see what everything is, without disturbing anything. And now I can actually do this through the door. It is wonderful.

I also put a thermometer in there, just to see. It has held the temperature between 51.1 and 51.7 all day. The fridge I had filling this role before had fluctuations of about 10 degrees in fairly short times, and got pretty cold a lot of the time. Seems that 51 is a little chilly, but I’m not certain.

I also realized that I have almost nothing that I can actually drink. Almost everything in there is stuff that I want to keep for a substantial amount of time, and there’s very little that I would want to just open up at a moments notice. Perhaps 3 bottles in there I’d want to open on a whim. The rest require a special occasion.

Gotta fix that.