Strauss Waltzes in Hi-Fi

I’m listening to a recording of Strauss Waltzes, performed by the Vienna Festival Orchestra, Rudolph Langer conducting. I don’t know the year of this recording, but I think it’s reasonable to assume it was at least 40 years ago, perhaps more, and that this particular LP has not been played in at least the last 15 years.

I’m not able to find this recording anywhere online. It’s by Camelot, but there’s no copyright information on it at all.

Anyways, I’ve converted it to CD, and it sounds absolutely wonderful. This is my first big success in converting LPs to CD. Prior to this, they always sounded washed out, or distorted, or unpleasant in some other way. This time I think I got the settings just right on both ends of the transaction, and it is great. (Yes, I’m sure that people with better hearing than I would notice that it’s not quite perfect. They don’t have to listen to it. It sounds absolutely wonderful to me.)

To the folks that said I could obtain MP3s of songs elsewhere, well, it’s LPs like this that I’m really interested in. Out of print, probably completely unavailable at any price, and totally worth the effort.