More Ohio LinuxFest

I just gave my Apache 2.0 talk, and it’s a darned good thing I cut a bunch of the material last night, because I would have run way over. Now maddog is doing a raffle for a bunch of stuff, then (I think) he’s going to do his closing keynote.

This has, on the whole, been a really good conference. I really like grass roots, regional conferences. They have much more of the feel that I used to get at tech conferences, like the first Perl Conference I went to, in (I think) 1999 or 1998.

Some of the talks were somewhat unpolished, and some of them were a little light on content. But the backchannel was good, and the hallway track was good. And, of course, most of the talks were pretty good.

I was planning to talk with the conference planners about conference planning issues, but I’m pretty tired, and might just leave that to email. We’ll see how the evening goes.