St. Louis – Day 2

Today had fewer frustrations than yesterday, although I once again got done with the course material rather earlier than I had anticipated. That’s the irritating thing about having students that already know a lot of the material. But one of the students has a lot of really good questions, and clearly really wants to get a lot of good stuff out of the time, so I actually stayed on until the end of the scheduled time working on those questions.

I just went out and found two geocaches, which was my goal for the evening. However, I might end up going back out again this evening. I haven’t decided for sure yet. The week seems to be going by pretty quickly.

I released two more Travel Bugs into the wild. I’m still really peeved that my Coliseum cache was stolen from Shilito Park last week, and even more peeved that I lost a travel bug in the process. But I suppose that it was to be expected, putting a cache that close to a playground, that someone would be attracted to it. Still burns me up, though. Darned kids.