St. Louis – Day 1 – Class starts

I forgot to mention one thing about my trip up. I had lunch at Joe Huber’s Family Restaurant, a mile or so down the road from the Huber Winery. It was pretty incredible. I had some kind of fried fish. I’m not entirely sure what I had. I asked them to just bring me something good, and they did. I was wondering, while I ate, whether *all* the girls in that part of the country are that pretty, or if, somehow, they just got the prettiest ones to work there.

Anyways, class started yesterday, and, of the 5 people signed up for the class, 3 showed up. Once again, I have really good students, which always makes the class go better. However, Solaris had it in for me yesterday, and we spent the *entire* morning just getting Apache + SSL + mod_perl + PHP installed. Then, being flustered about the morning, I picked up the pace in the afternoon, and, of course, finished very early. Bah.

I had big plans for the evening, mostly involving GeoCaching, but I was exhausted, and sat like a lump and watched “Battle of Britain” on my laptop. I snagged it the other day because I remembered watching it at Turi, lo these many years ago. The scenes that I remembered most vividly were exactly as I remembered them.

It’s time to go get some breakfast, and then start day two.