So noisy

Due to my less-than-ideal housing situation at the moment, my servers are in my bedroom. At the moment, I have 3 servers running. Three others are turned off. The iMac is *still* out in the dining room.

Anyways, back to the point. This morning, I just couldn’t take the noise any more. I needed a break. I turned off all the servers for about a half hour. After a while, you can almost get used to the noise to where you don’t really hear it. But it’s always there, and it drowns out other things, like the birds and the hum of cars passing on the highway.

Ironically, while enjoying the silence, I had a desire to blog about it. Which would, of course, require that I turn the servers back on. Isn’t that absolutely pathetic? But, I resisted the urge to turn them back on until now. I kinda need to turn them on before I leave for work, since they run semi-critical services, like DNS for a dozen domains, IRC bots, and, of course, this web site.

*sigh*. I really really really want to get back into my house.