“Office Space” moment.

This morning I was scolded for being 11 minutes late to a monthly staff meeting. I was late because I was working on a customer problem. Later in the meeting, I was scolded for that customer problem not being solved yet. This was, in fact, the only part of the entire meeting that had any relevance whatsoever to me.

I’m reminded of a former manager who said, in a meeting, “We’re going to keep having these all-day meetings until we figure out why nobody is getting any work done!” Of course, the difference there was that he was clueful enough to be joking when he said it.

So, if you ever wonder why I seem to hate my job more at the beginning of the month, well, it’s because we have this meeting on the first Monday of each month.

Must remember the mantra: My job is what I do to pay for the part of my life that matters.