Road Rage

Today as I drove past the theater at Lexington Green, a car ran a stop sign through the intersection in front of me. Didn’t even slow down. I must have given him a “what the heck are you thinking” kind of look, although I don’t recall exactly.

As it happened, I had made a wrong turn, and I did a U-turn at the intersection to go back the way I had come. When I completed the turn, I saw Mr. No Stop Sign reversing towards me up the road. I tried to go around him, but he rolled down his window and yelled at me “You have a problem!!?” I responded, somewhat flippantly, “I have lots of problems, but you’re not one of them.” and kept driving past him.

He FOLLOWED me back down the road, through the Target parking lot, and part of the way over to Arby’s, where we were going for lunch, as I started getting more and more alarmed that he was going to follow me all the way over there and pick a fight.

What the heck goes through people’s minds in traffic that makes them think that it is sensible to pick a fight with a complete stranger? In Kentucky, I can carry a firearm in my glove compartment even if I don’t have a concealed carry permit, and I can use it to defend myself. That means that anybody that I encounter in traffic might have a gun within arm’s reach. But even if that weren’t the case, what would posses someone to pick a fight with a stranger in a car with a woman and two kids? Had he had a bad day? Was he just looking for a fight, or did I seriously offend him? Did my making a U-turn make him think that I was picking a fight with him?

I guess I’ll never know.