Last evening, various of the Sams authors went to Ringside Steakhouse. Apparently it was voted the 6th best steakhouse in the country. It was, without question, the best steak that I have ever had. And I was sitting at the fun table. Entirely too much serious technical conversation appeared to be going on at the other tables. 😉

But, let me back up a moment, and recount the taxi ride, before I forget some of the details.

Taxi driver: What are you guys in town for?
Us: Software conference.
Td: Oh. Software is the way to go. You know why?
Us: Why?
Td: Because God uses software to run the entire universe.
Us: *stunned silence*
Td: And God’s wife is Mona Lisa.
Us: *boggle*
Td: And taxes are from Satan. God gave us life for free, and Satan is trying to take it away. On April 15th, we pay Satan.

This actually went on for quite a while longer, and I know I’m forgetting something. Perhaps one of the other guys can fill in some of the details. It was very surreal.

Discussion at dinner also involved a brilliant new idea for a book series that we’re going to do. I can’t reveal the highly confidential details, but let’s just say that it features soft, absorbent paper. Possibly perforated. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in many moons.

The Stonehenge party was last night, too. However, by the time we left Ringside, it was already 11pm, and I’ve been up late every night so far. We agreed to meet back at VQ for a somewhat quieter evening than would be had at the Stonehenge party, but apparently various folks changed their minds in transit, so some of us were there for a while waiting for the rest. Around 12, I just could not stay awake any longer.