More signings

Yesterday, when the flood of fans slowed down (I think he had a meeting or something), I wandered around to the other authors there who were signing, and got them to sign bookplates for various books that are on my shelf.

It would seem that no matter how long I am immersed in this community, when I’m in the presence of Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, and various other folks, I’m still always reduced to what Wil Wheaton refers to as Drooling Fan Boy. Jars of clay notwithstanding, these guys are still heroes in my eyes, and I’m reduced to incoherency when I have the opportunity to speak to them.
I remember the first time I met Brian Behlendorf. It was actually at an OSCon, although I forget which one. I had some grand sentiment planned to tell him, but I babbled something about being honored to meet him, and then fled. It is rather amusing, in retrospect. And, given that someone just did something like that to me yesterday, I’m sure it was vaguely unsettling for him, too.

Ok, I need to go down and secure a seat near power outlets.