Reforest the bluegrass

This morning we went to take part in Reforest The Bluegrass. I made the following observations. Perhaps at some point I’ll have time to think about them and make them into a grand unified theory. Right now, they are just observations.

1) Most of the bumperstickers were politically active (issue- or agenda-based) or were athiest/wiccan/anti-Christian. No Christian stickers were in evidence.

2) 100+ vehicles piled into the park to spew exhaust fumes, in order to plant trees to help remove those fumes from the atmosphere.

3) People don’t know how to work in teams.

4) The trees that were planted in last year’s RtB are all dead now.

5) Across the street, they are cutting down trees just as fast as anyone could possibly plant them. 5 years ago, the land for miles around the park was undeveloped, or farmland. Many very old trees have been removed to make way for houses that now completely encircle the park.

6) I was amazed at the age of the volunteers. Whereas I’d expect most of them to be 30+ folks wanting to give back a little of the earth that they have participated in destroying, I was amazed by how many highschool and college kids there were. And, it being a very warm day, one might say that the view was very nice.

ok, that’s all.