NW 2010.6mi from your home coordinates

I just discovered that I really don’t much enjoy Geocaching alone. It’s so much more fun with Sarah. I found one, but kinda lost the passion for it. Perhaps I can persuade one or two other folks to go with me later today.

Last evening was *amazing*. I called Clint, who just moved out here less than a week ago, and he and Madeline came to pick me up, and we went blueberry picking. We drove about 45 minutes south, met up with some other friends, and then drove out to Pihl Orchard. We picked for a while, and I just wandered around the orchard for a while. I have never smelled peaches that smelled quite so wonderful. Still alive and still on the tree, and so full of wonderful flavor that they were about to burst. Mmmmmm.

The lady that owns the place has been there 40 years, and planted every tree with her own hands. The blueberries were fantastic, particularly with a little vanilla ice cream back at Clint and Sarah’s house, where Madeline told all about our adventure. It is *great* to have good friends. And having good friends this far from home is a big plus.

Hopefully this evening we’ll squeeze in some time for a visit to Mudai. Mmmmm.