DrupalCon, Mudai, Canby

After some geocaching yesterday, and a couple hours writing, I ran into Steve Mallet. Steve always seems to know what’s going on. Yesterday, for example, he knew that Drupal was having a conference here in Portland at the same time as OSCon. We treked across town, and spent a very enjoyable few hours with the Drupal folks.

When I got back to the hotel, Clint picked me up, and we went down to Canby to visit Del and Lynn, who seem to be doing really well, and are anxious to get home as soon as possible and get back to their lives.

Then, we headed back to Portland, and went to Mudai, where we hung out until about 11. Wonderful, wonderful food.

Although I missed the Extravaganza, about which I’m a little disappointed, I really come to these things primarily for the chance to spend time with certain people, and meet new people. So, in all, it was a day very well spent, even though almost none of it was actually at the conference that I came all this way to attend.

But I’m a little disappointed to have missed the State of the Onion, which is always a high point of the week. I wonder if someone recorded it.